Family Pictures at the Distillery District

Last weekend I met up with little Isaiah, Angelique, Brian, and Grandpa at the Distillery District in Toronto for some fun family portraits.  This was our second portrait session together.  We also met up last March but it was a miserable cold and windy day.  I couldn’t believe how much Isaiah has changed in a few short months.

Family Pictures-Distillery District Toronto-1

Family Pictures-Distillery District Toronto-2

I love this one!  Isaiah just all of a sudden reached out and put his arms around Mom and Dad, how cute!

Family Pictures-Distillery District Toronto-3

Family Pictures-Distillery District Toronto-4

Three handsome generations together.

Family Pictures-Distillery District Toronto-5


So I have to post a picture of this pigeon and say thank you for the help this little guy gave me on this shoot.  Now normally I’m not the biggest fan of pigeons, but on this particular day I have a lot to owe to this little feathered friend.  You see, Isaiah loves pigeons and was very, very interested in what they were doing.  Little boys like Isaiah have so much energy and are often hard to get to look where you want them to.  I wanted to get a shot of him looking directly into my lens or at least  in my general direction.  I snapped a picture of this pigeon and then showed him on the LCD screen on the back of my camera.  He was suddenly very intrigued by my camera!  He then looked straight into the lens in hopes to see the bird I had trapped inside and I got this great pic of his beautiful eyes.

Thanks pigeon friend!

Family Pictures-Distillery District Toronto-7

Isaiah is enjoying a different perspective on life and the opportunity to get closer to the pigeons roosting above the doorways.

Family Pictures-Distillery District Toronto-6

Thank you to Isaiah and family….and also to all the pigeons in the Distillery District!

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lawrence yang - these photos are Great Jennifer!! nice work!! And this is the cutest family I’ve ever seen!!September 15, 2009 – 12:40 am

Christine - Hi Jennifer,

I’m Brian’s sister. Wow! These photos are fantastic. You captured Isaiah’s curious, happy personality perfectly. I would love for you to do my family as well! I live in Toronto by high park. Do you have some time maybe in the fall? I would love to get some fall colours from high park.

ChristineSeptember 15, 2009 – 11:37 am

Lisa Mark - Wonderful family session Jen – and that portrait of Isaiah up close is gorgeous!September 23, 2009 – 9:12 pm

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