Karen & Yunong’s Wedding at the Mandarin Golf & Country Club

It began six years ago at the University of Waterloo when Karen and Yunong lived down the hall from each other. Six years later, they are more in love than ever and married! Karen and Yunong now live in Seattle but chose to get married close to friends and family at the beautiful Mandarin Golf and Country Club in Markham, just outside of Toronto.

I first met Karen and Yunong two days before their wedding when I was invited for lunch at her parents’ house. I had returned home from India less than 24 hours before and was still trying to adjust back to reality.  They were all so warm and friendly it felt more like I was catching up with old friends than a first time meeting. I knew it was going to be a fantastically fun day, and boy it was!When Yunong and his best man, Puneet, arrived at Karen’s house the ladies in Karen’s family sure gave him the gears. Yunong was subjected to a whole slew of “Door Games”. I love this tradition in Chinese weddings. It is so much fun! Yunong was promptly handed a guitar and told to sing Karen a love song. Karen and her Dad were inside at the top of the stairs. Judging by the bright smile on her face I think she approved 😉 Then Yunong and Puneet had to dance the Macarena and answer a bunch of Karen related trivia. Finally Karen’s cousin, Maria, who was acting as the gate keeper, deemed Yunong worthy and let the boys in.The night was filled with all sorts of fun games. In this next one Karen had to correctly identify her groom while blindfolded. She did remarkably well and knew pretty much the moment she laid hands on him!

Thank you so much for having me along on your truly special wedding day. Next time I’m in Seattle I’ll be sure to let you know!

Karen’s reaction to the photos: “LOVE LOVE LOVE them. Thanks, Jennifer! You managed to capture the moments we didn’t want to miss!”

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Karen - Fun! Thanks for the wonderful pictures, Jennifer! (The Macarena picture manages to crack me up every time)June 18, 2010 – 10:43 am

jen - They look awesome! Thanks again for doing a fantastic job 🙂June 18, 2010 – 2:50 pm

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