Style Lab Workshop

About 3 weeks ago I journeyed down to Southern California to attend the Style Lab Workshop with Chenin Boutwell, The Wedding Chicks, and Doug Boutwell of Totally Rad Actions. I had a fantastic time getting my learn on with these knowledgeable folks. I also had the good fortune of meeting many talented photographers and new friends.

I was really impressed with how open and willing Chenin was to share information on all aspects of her business. Fellow photogs, I really recommend this workshop. It was well worth the trek all the way from Toronto to SoCal. I would also like to mention that if you haven’t checked out make sure you do! Amy and Jocey are amazing, creative, talented ladies. So much wedding planning inspiration on their site.

The workshop was held at the Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club and was part classroom and part mock wedding. Angel Swanson of Events of Love & Spendor styled the event and everything looked absolutely amazing. You can’t even tell that there was monsoon rainfall 90% of the day!

The science geek in me went ape when I saw these gorgeous flower arrangements with test tubes and Erlenmeyer flasks. I have to admit I always secretly wanted to pinch a few of these from the lab for this very purpose but always felt guilty because they are really expensive. I absolutely love what The Treasured Petal did with the lab glass!Isn’t this dress STUNNING?! I have developed a new obsession thanks to my experience at the StyleLab. I am absolutely head over heels in love with Joan Shum….her dresses that is. She makes the most gorgeous corsets ever! And according to our lovely model Amanda, they are actually quite comfortable. Amanda, a talented photographer herself, and her hunky husband Mike were fantastic. Thank you! Vivian Tran and team from All Made Up did a brilliant job with Amanda’s hair and make-up.

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gladys - Yayaaaaaa! You rocked it out Jen! I love these, especially the last one! So purttty 🙂February 6, 2010 – 8:11 pm

kristine atienza - aww! so nice to relive these again! i love your b/w processing!February 7, 2010 – 1:07 pm

steph - Theses photos are so stylish and retro i love them all!April 15, 2010 – 7:47 pm

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