2010 Rewind… Wedding Memories From A Great Year!

2010 was good to me! I had the pleasure of working with 18 fantastic couples on their wedding day as well as a bunch of newly engaged ones that will tie the knot in 2011. In between weddings I got to shoot a bunch of adorable families, some of which were previous wedding clients. I traveled all over Ontario as well as going to Vancouver 3 times, Victoria twice, California twice, and India once.

Picking favourites is really hard for me! If you know me personally, you will know that I am a pretty diplomatic person. Last night I cruised through my blog looking only at the weddings I shot in 2010. I took a bunch of screen shots of my favourite/most memorable pictures. Today when I was uploading the pictures a few of my selects changed. A few times. I guess I treat my pictures with the same “diplomacy” as the rest of my life 😉 So, in true diplomatic style, here is a little collection of my faves today, not yesterday, and maybe not tomorrow…

Thanks 2010! It’s been a slice! Welcome 2011! I have a feeling this year will be every bit as good, maybe even better!

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ardean - looks like it was a great year 🙂
love the car pic, and the sparkly shoes, and the jumprope, and… 🙂February 10, 2011 – 11:03 pm

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