Joelle & Damian | Insel Ufenau Zurich Wedding

In September, I traveled with Mike and our friend Heiko to Zürich for Joëlle & Damian’s wedding. Heiko is Damian’s brother. When Heiko told us that his brother got engaged I told him to tell his brother and fiancée what I do for a living. I meant it half as a joke, never expecting that nine months later I would be on a plane to shoot a wedding in Switzerland!

Joëlle & Damian’s wedding was a total dream. The ceremony took place in a church on a tiny island (Insel Ufenau) in the middle of Lake Zürich. St. Peter & Paul church was built in 1141/42 and sits beside a small vineyard from which we drank the wine. The day started by boarding the ferry you see below.A view back at Rapperswil where we boarded the boat.Our first peek at the church.Their ceremony was one of the most beautiful and emotionally charged that I have had the pleasure of witnessing. The entire ceremony, except for a few songs beautifully performed by Reto von Wartburg, was in Swiss German and I didn’t understand more than a few words. That being said, the love they have for each other was palpable and no words were required to understand this.What can I say, I love ungulates!In Swiss weddings, it is tradition for the maid of honour and the best man to plan a number of games and surprises for the happy couple. Lea and Daniel went all out and organized Dani from Luftbild Drohne to come and take some amazing aerial shots.Here is one of the aerial shots from Luftbild Drohne.

The next thing in their bag of tricks was for Joëlle & Damian to cut out a giant heart using tiny nail scissors. Once done they both had to hop through the heart to the other side.Lea and Daniel weren’t the only ones with surprises in store for the happy couple. Joëlle’s dad surprised them with a vintage car to ride in to the reception. Here is their reaction as they first catch a glimpse of it as we are pulling into port.Joëlle & Damian, thank you from the bottom of my heart for having me be a part of your amazing wedding day. Thank you for sharing your love and your beautiful city with me. Much love, Jennifer

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Joëlle - Jen, I could look through the pictures over and over again, you did such a fantastic job! The pictures are wonderful and we just love them! Thank you so much for everything! Love, JoëlleDecember 10, 2011 – 6:58 am

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