Erin & Jeff | Toronto Waterfront Engagement Photography

I often get asked by my clients what they should wear. The most important thing is to wear something you feel awesome (and comfortable) in. Something that is you. Maybe a slightly polished version of you, but you nonetheless. I also love when my couples incorporate things into their shoot to make it more personal and unique.
When I compare all of my favourite engagement sessions, I see that the common thread is that the couples looked well put together. There is often a colour theme and they are coordinated but not matching. Their outfits also go together. If one of the pair is in an evening gown and the other is in coveralls it is more than likely that you could look odd. A good test is to lay out both outfits and see what they look like together. Likewise, think about the situation. You probably wouldn’t walk your dog in a 3 piece suit. However, if we are going for a strut through Yorkville or for a drink at Canoe that could be appropriate.

Erin and Jeff did this perfectly. Erin loves all things yellow. She also loves bananas. I don’t know if her love of yellow stems from her love of bananas or the other way around but it is safe to say that she is bananas for bananas. In fact, there aren’t too many days in Erin’s world that don’t start with one. Jeff also likes bananas and after getting to know these lovebirds I can say without a doubt that they are also bananas for each other!
We met at their downtown condo and walked down to Sugar Beach and then onto the Music Gardens. This is a route that they do all the time except they are usually running.

You guys are too much fun for one day! I can’t wait for your Ottawa wedding! xoxo

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Jill - Those pictures look amazing Jen! Good work!!! (as always)April 4, 2012 – 1:51 am

Ardean - Awesome images Jennifer!April 5, 2012 – 10:52 pm

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