Poland & Ukraine Euro 2012

In June Mike and I took an incredible trip with some of our favourite people to Poland and Ukraine for the European soccer championship. It was a pretty amazing experience to be a part of such a large sporting event. We also got to take in some awesome sights and see a new part of the world. We visited Wroclaw, Krakow, Lviv, and Kiev and then went to Spain to sit on the beach for a few days before ending the trip in London to see some friends.

The weather in Poland was pretty cold and wet so we spent a fair amount of time in groovy underground pubs like this one.From Krakow we took a train to Lviv. Somewhere around the border the weather changed and we had gorgeous hot sunshine from then on.Some fans got really into it! We saw this patriotic dude in the town square before the Germany vs. Denmark game.We called this the beer suitcase. Brilliant invention!The energy in the stadium was palpable. We had pretty good seats too 😉From Lviv we went to Kiev. Kiev is a large city with some truly gorgeous sights. The Pechersk Lavra monastery, which you see poking over the hill, was a real highlight.We went to the France vs. Sweden game in Kiev. This was also a really fun experience. Not quite front row but so much fun!If you have had a chance to experience Poland and Ukraine you know how truly gorgeous and fascinating these countries are. If you haven’t been, be sure to add them to your travel to do list!

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