In June, I spent a few amazing days in Stockholm. This was my first time there and I instantly fell in love. Its gorgeous architecture and friendly people make it a dream to visit. We were there over the summer solstice and the sun never seemed to completely go to bed. When walking the streets after midnight there was still some blue in the sky. We spent our days exploring and our evenings sampling the local flavours. The food was incredible. We learned that you always drink Snaps (that’s Scandinavian Schnapps) with pickled herring and be sure to leave room for dessert. We had great meals everywhere but two that really stood out were at Nosh & Chow and Riche.

Sailing the Stockholm Archipelago

The first day we sailed around the Stockholm Archipelago. This is an amazing way to spend a day. Our friend Michelle organized a private 8 hour trip for us with Hissa Segel. At first I thought that 8 hours would be too long but it was perfect. Our skipper extraordinaire, Per, was fun, knowledgable and just generally a joy to be around. Here we are getting safety instructions before we set sail. I’m at the other end of the boat with my camera, pretty typical 🙂Sailing the Stockholm ArchipelagoBefore heading out to the archipelago we took a tour of the harbour and admired the gorgeous architecture. Stockholm-03Our fearless leader Per.
Sailing the Stockholm ArchipelagoSailing the Stockholm ArchipelagoMichelle, sailing like a boss.Sailing the Stockholm ArchipelagoSailing the Stockholm ArchipelagoSailing the Stockholm ArchipelagoWe all took turns. Well, most of us. My friends are also so good at humouring me with my photo taking.Sailing the Stockholm ArchipelagoWhen we were hungry we dropped anchor in this quiet little cove and Per made us a delicious lunch. Some of us also decided to go for swim in the Baltic Sea. For those who have not had the pleasure, let me assure you that it is cold. Very cold. Like knock the wind out of you cold. I think we lasted a grand total of 5 seconds in the water. That’s why there aren’t any pictures!
Sailing the Stockholm ArchipelagoSailing the Stockholm ArchipelagoSailing the Stockholm ArchipelagoSailing the Stockholm ArchipelagoStockholm We ended our tour in Vaxholm where we had dinner, explored a bit and then caught a ferry like the one below back to Strandvägen in the Stockholm harbour. Stockholm Stockholm Stockholm Stockholm Stockholm This is my friend Nicole. She liked this store. Stockholm-20Stockholm Stockholm-22Stockholm Stockholm is a very bike friendly city. Everywhere you turn there are bikes. There are even tire pumps stations like this one.Stockholm Stockholm Stockholm Stockholm Stockholm We spent one afternoon in the Vasa Museum. The whole story around the sinking and salvaging of this ship is truly fascinating. I highly recommend it. We also visited the Fotografiska (photography museum) which I throughly enjoyed.
Stockholm-29Stockholm Stockholm Stockholm Stockholm Stockholm

Stockholm, thanks for the banging time. I’m sure we will meet again!

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