Sophie | Toronto Portrait Photographer

Sophie is so lovely. Not only is she gorgeous, but she is an incredibly talented jazz singer. When we met for her portrait session a few weeks ago I had not yet heard her sing. After we finished she gave me a copy of her CD. The next day I put it on and I was blown away. She has giant voice that flows like ice cream down your arm on a hot day. I strongly recommend you check out the sumptuous sounds of Sophie Berkal-Sarbit!Sophie Berkal-Sarbit - Toronto HeadshotsSophie Berkal-Sarbit - Toronto PortraitsSophie Berkal-Sarbit - Toronto HeadshotsSophie Berkal-Sarbit - Toronto Portrait PhotographerSophie Berkal-Sarbit - Toronto Portrait PhotographerThe only thing I regret is not asking Sophie to sing while taking her headshot. I totally missed an opportunity for a free concert 😉

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Elizabeth Salib Photography - She simply has the cutest look! The one where she’s looking straight at the camera and wearing the green shirt is my favourite. Amazing colour and just wow!June 12, 2011 – 9:32 pm

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